Workforce Tools

The Workforce Plan Generator is now available on this site. Click here to visit The Workforce Plan Generator.

Tools, templates, models and resources make the task of workforce development and planning, skills and behavioural profiling, capability framework design, job profiling and training needs analysis much easier.

We provide access to the following tools that fit with what you want to do:

Capability Frameworks

Build a capability framework including competencies – core, leadership and job specific; values and behaviours; and KPI’s, targets and performance measures.  Streamline your approach by utilising our existing capability frameworks and customising to suit you.

HATS (Harrison Assessments)

Use HATS for selecting and developing top performers as well as identifying match to values and behaviours and job role preferences.  HATS assess eligibility – education, experience and hard skills and suitability – attitudes, motivation, interpersonal skills, work preferences, interests and values.

Individual Capability Development Plan

Use our Individual Capability Development Plan template for an evidence based approach to performance management including demonstration of workforce values, commitment to strategic business priorities, competencies, strengths, development needs and capability development action plan.

Small Business Health Check

Based upon the Balanced Scorecard this easy to use online tool gives you an immediate picture of the health of your small business.  A comprehensive report and action plan helps you with where to next and we can provide you with coaching/mentoring support if you need an expert view.

SPSS for Workforce Demographics Analysis

Using SPSS for data analysis makes the job of understanding workforce priorities, trends and demographics pictures so much easier.  This tool tests data sets against each other to look for correlations.  Have a go yourself or use our expert associates to analyse your workforce data.


Designed specifically for the Community Services and Health sector and applicable across other industry sectors, gain a free copy of this toolkit including electronic templates and resources.  Go to: to download.

Developed initially for the Department of Trade and Economic Development in South Australia this kit is aimed at small-medium sized enterprises and is useful for anyone undertaking workforce development and planning.  Go to: Employer Resource Kit and for examples DR Enterprises Case Study.

Workforce Management Model

What is workforce development, workforce planning and human resource management?  People use the terms interchangeably and it’s confusing so apply our Workforce Management model to understand key terms and workforce management activities.

Workforce Plan Checklist

Already got a workforce plan in place?  Validate your workforce plan using our workforce plan checklist – confirm you are on the right track and identify any gaps.

Workforce Plan Template

The workforce plan template follows our workforce planning and development model, is easy to use and is tried and tested across many different industry sectors and organisations.  Format the plan to suit your organisation and we can provide you with coaching/mentoring support to complete the plan if you need.

Workforce Planning and Development Model

Follow our 5 stage approach to workforce development and planning and together with the workforce plan template, produce your own plan or ask us for some help.