VET Workforce Professional Development

WPAA provides professional development activities, conferences, webinars and workshops on the following topics:


  • Innovative approaches to assessment validation
  • RPL kits, documentation and resources
  • RPL made simple
  • Workplace rich assessments

Employer and Industry Engagement

  • Establishing an Effective Traineeship/Apprenticeship Model
  • How to ENGAGE employers and industry in VET
  • How to establish effective partnerships with industry
  • How to develop a skills profile
  • How to undertake a skills needs analysis
  • Working models of industry partnerships
  • VET-trepreneur program

Learning and FacilitationTAFE NSW

  • Designing VET programs with common competencies
  • How to apply advanced learning and facilitation methodologies
  • How to create training videos money can’t buy
  • How to engage young learners in VET
  • How to use Augmented Reality in training and assessment
  • On the Job Training

International VET

  • International delegation hosting
  • International VET Frameworks
  • What are the international VET opportunities for individuals and organisations?

VET Professional

Whole picture:

  • Australian VET Policy Framework and Government Context
  • Best of VET in Australia
  • Big VET changes
  • Future of VET and Work
  • Post budget thrive and survive
  • States and Territories VET Policy
  • VET reform and priorities


  • Costing and pricing VET
  • Funding – Where are the new funding opportunities?
  • How to commercialise your RTOs IP
  • Industry and regional priorities
  • VET products and services
  • VET insight and opportunities plan
  • What VET clients want

Literacy – financial, economic, business, entrepreneurial, (digital*)

  • Building your brand online
  • Business Wealth Games
  • How to pitch with power
  • Rapid product development
  • VET business analysis tool
  • VET costing package

Coaching and Mentoring

Online or over the phone and with the potential of face to face coaching and mentoring can be one-on-one or in groups.