Workforce planning is a process of identifying what you have, what you need and what the gaps are between your current and future workforce.  The process invovles analysing workforce profile data and trends; forecasting demand; analysing supply; undertaking a gap analysis, determining priorities and workforce development (gap closing) strategies.

A stock-take of the current workforce includes workforce demographics analysis, skills profiling and identification of issues.  The future planning process links to the strategic planning time frame and details the ‘desired’ workforce, demand and supply forecasting.  A gap analysis results in a workforce action plan, prioritisation and advice on implementation, ongoing review and evaluation.

Workforce BluePrint is experienced in writing workforce plans and managing workforce projects for teams, enterprises and organisations, governments, cluster and networks, industry sectors, communities and regions.  Focusing on strategic goals and outcomes we apply a workforce implications lens to determine priority issues for your workforce now and into the future.

Building and measuring your workforce against a capability framework incorporates skills and competencies, KPI’s and targets, values and behaviours enabling you to manage performance and ensure that your staff has the capabilities they need to work efficiently and effectively.

Get independent, professional help with your workforce plan, a toolkit or project and build your capability in workforce planning, workforce development and human resource management.

Looking for a tool that will build a Workforce Plan?

The Workforce Plan Generator™ takes you through the 5 steps to build a workforce plan, collates all your evidence, assists with the analysis of your workforce information, data and feedback, and produces a workforce plan whenever you need one.  It’s ideal for organisations across all industry sectors with the capability to aggregate plans from multiple enterprises, across industries and regions.

You can decide the number of users you need (with pricing per user) or the numbers of plans including:

  • an annual licence for the Workforce Plan Generator™
  • social media links to keep up to date with news, announcements and emerging practice
  • eguide and tutorial videos on how to use the tool

Who should licence the Workforce Plan Generator™?

Organisation licence (1 – multiple users) – Employers, Enterprises and Organisations who are ready to build a workforce plan using a 5 step, easy to follow process.

Association licence (1 – multiple workforce plans) – Australian Apprenticeship Centres, Business Enterprise Centres, Consultants, Disability Employment Services, Group Training Companies, Industry Associations, Industry Skill Councils, Job Service Australia providers, Recruiters, Regional Development Australia Boards, Registered Training Organisations, TAFE Institutes, Unions and Workforce Architects.

Support services

  • Workforce Architects Program – bronze, silver, gold and platinum
  • coaching, mentoring and technical assistance to generate workforce plans
  • potential to partner on workforce planning and development projects

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