VET Business Analysis Tool

VET Business Analysis Tool

Costing is essential to the long term viability of your training organisation, projects and programs but one of the biggest mysteries in Vocational Education and Training (VET) is how to cost it!

How do input costs, such as the delivery of products and services plus organisational costs and overheads, relate to VET outputs such as the completion of qualifications and skill sets?  Across different funding types, calculate the nett profit, funding multiplier (input hours to nominal hours output) and the complete costs of VET projects.

Using the VET Business Analysis Tool, work out the real costs (including fixed costs, hidden costs and your time) in VET product/service delivery and the return within the VET process.  A copy of the tool is included as part of this package and will be provided to purchasers.  Get expert help from Peter Schultz, a VET business analyst, who will work through his VET Business Analysis Tool and along with you develop costing scenarios for your programs, projects or different funding types.

Who is this package for?  VET Business Development and Commercial Managers; RTO Owners and Chief Financial Officers, Funding Intelligence staff and those providing quotes and proposals on VET products and services.

What’s included?

  • VET Business Analysis Tool and guidance on how to use the tool including a live example
  • Two fully costed scenarios using the VET Business Analysis Tool for your RTO program or project 

Developed by: Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint and Peter Schultz, Business Analyst

Investment: $395.00 incl GST


Price: $395.00

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Effectively Engage Employers and Industry

Thank you again for last Fridays workshop. I gained a lot from attending and it certainly started the wheels in my head turning in regards to 1) how I/we talk with industry, and 2) business opportunities.  In a few weeks’ time we are hosting an Industry Reference Group and I’m sure the night will be more of a success after my time with you.  Scott – participant

A sincere thank you for the day and additional extras 😉  I am very glad I attended and reconnected with you , cemented some current practices and gained tips for thoughtful strategy into the future.  I have already shared some of your ideas with my colleagues and will cover the workshop at our next sales meeting.  I’m sure you would also agree that meeting up with other RTOs gives fresh perspectives and invigorates the roles that we are currently focussed on.  One of my favourites for the day -The finale, a unique use of a simple tool – Speed thinking  what a  hit and a great way to end the day.  Julie – participant


Are you keen to build upon your relationships with employers and industry?  Would you like to ensure that your staff are comfortable and confident to uncover all sorts of workforce needs and opportunities?

Your team may face the following challenges when working with industry/employers including:

  • Uncertainty as to how to approach industry, make initial contact and build relationships;
  • Increased competition in your industry area or region;
  • Maybe they don’t see it as part of their role; or
  • Perhaps they are busy with other tasks related to their job

Specific professional development aims addressed by the ENGAGE program are:

  • Building capability to work effectively with business, industry and employers;
  • Developing ability to identify workforce development needs, priorities and potential solutions;
  • Understanding the importance of promoting business and productivity benefits from training programs;
  • Developing skills in effective networking, targeting and stakeholder engagement; and
  • Potential team project – create action items/plan to engage with industry.


Duration: 1 day or coaching over 2 weeks

NB. The 1 day intensive program could be split into 2 half days with people who are confident and experienced working with employers and industry attending in the afternoon.

Times: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Venue: At your location

The 1 day intensive program can be split into 2 half days with people who are confident and experienced working with employers and industry attending in the afternoon.

The ENGAGE Program can be customised to include the following content:

  • Workforce Development Context
    • understanding the full picture of workforce development in the business environment (expectations of the role and responsibilities, internal/external customer expectations, employer and industry expectations, external environment);
    • definitions relating to workforce planning, workforce development, skills and training needs analysis in the context of large, small and medium enterprises.

    Engaging with Employers

    • building staff confidence in undertaking advisory roles with employers;
    • gaining trust, building relationships and engaging employers;
    • analysing, discussing, validating and prioritising workforce needs, including identifying common gaps and issues;
    • developing and managing responses.

    Personal Development

    • evaluation of personal performance in employer engagement and outcomes;
    • support for staff to plan future development actions.

    Other content can be incorporated or form the basis of applying the ENGAGE system including:

    • Australian Apprenticeships (including School-Based)
    • Coaching and mentoring
    • Fee for service
    • Leadership development
    • Skills profiling and RPL
    • Small business development
    • Target market segmentation
    • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Facilitator: Australia’s leading workforce planning and development specialist – Wendy Perry.

Workforce BluePrint can provide the following value added services:

  • Guest speakers from business and industry who are engaged in workforce development and planning
  • Access to engagement tools and materials (all shared electronically, not printed)
  • Content on context i.e. changing employer expectations, VET reform, state/territory funded programs
  • Blog posts, articles and research on how to best work with employers and industry
  • Invitation to join the Workforce Planning Tools and Australian VET Leaders group on LinkedIn
  • Introduction to potential RTO partner for assessment only services and issuance of statement of attainments where appropriate.

Investment: $327.00 incl GST


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Powerful Partnerships

Powerful Partnerships

Dates: Your choice

Location: Your choice

 Time: 0.5 day or coaching over 1 week

Venue: Near you

This workshop will provide examples of successful partnerships for workforce development and planning. It will cover various models and relationship arrangements including the different roles of partners, funding opportunities and the importance of identifying common objectives.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Learn how good partnerships work
  • Gain insight into what employers want
  • Understand workforce planning and development and the relationship with VET
  • Identify funding that may assist your partnership and/or project
  • Design new products and services
  • Position your organisation ahead of your competitors

What you will take away by attending:

  • An action plan for your organisation to become a workforce development partner
  • Latest workforce planning and development tools
  • Tips on accessing current funding sources


  • Australian Apprenticeship Centres
  • Career Networks
  • Economic Development Practitioners
  • Employment Service Providers
  • Government
  • Group Training Organisations
  • Higher Education Providers
  • Registered Training Organisations
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Youth Organisations

Facilitator: Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint.

Investment: $147.00 incl GST/person


Price: $147.00

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Fast-Track Training Needs Analysis

Fast-Track Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

.A TNA can help you to uncover strengths and development needs, highlight individual, team and organisational priorities, target development activities and focus budget and resources on evidence based needs.  Also known as a gap needs analysis – identifies skills/competency gaps by isolating the difference in and between current and future skills/competency. This is achieved by collecting both qualitative and quantitative data for analysis.

Learn how to implement a SMART TNA and use clever tools like Skillsbook to identify skills and competencies for job roles and to help structure your training and development framework.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify relevant job roles for TNA and position skill requirements
  • Develop a TNA framework and process that supports workforce planning, personnel reviews, career and succession planning
  • Develop gap analysis reports to inform of skill/knowledge gaps
  • Develop your capacity and others to implement TNA process and work alongside team members
  • Confidently recommend solutions for development needs


  • TNA frameworks, procedures and processes;
  • Underpinning skills/knowledge on TNA methodologies;
  • How to assign skills/knowledge requirements to positions;
  • Skills/knowledge assessment process to determine gaps and resultant training plan;
  • Interpret aggregated results and design workforce development action plan


1.5 days or over 3-4 weeks via coaching and mentoring


  • Activities
  • Case studies
  • Content delivery
  • Discussions
  • Practice with tools

Facilitator: Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint, for further information please email, thank you.


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VET Insight Service and Opportunities Plan

Perhaps you are new to Vocational Education and Training (VET), or you’d like to introduce new services, projects and initiatives, or maybe you’d like to broaden the impact of your RTO making it more sustainable?

Workforce BluePrint can assist with coaching and mentoring in all things VET related considering VET policy, funding and market opportunities.  Where your RTO needs a plan for the future, the VET Insight Service and development of a VET Opportunities Plan can help put you on the right track for RTO success.

VET Insight Service and Opportunities Plan

Workforce BluePrint understands that your RTO may aim to:

  • showcase your strengths and capability
  • identify strategies to drive more enrolments and activity including funding opportunities;
  • validate existing products and prioritise new product development including short courses and qualifications;
  • understand VET policy implications nationally and in all states and territories; and
  • identify hot spots of possible market demand in Australia and internationally.

Considering the aims above, Workforce BluePrint suggests the development of a VET opportunities plan and presentation that will include:

  1. Desk top analysis covering national VET policy and reforms that are relevant across states and territories related to your RTO’s capability.
  2. External scan for opportunities across Australian capital cities and regional locations (possibly TVET international opportunities).
  3. Product review with traffic light rating and identification of any new products plus funding opportunities.
  4. Draft presentation and action plan, feedback and finalisation.
Coaching and mentoring in VET for RTO’s (where required)
Desk top review – VET policy and funding action research – national, state and territories (up to 9 VET funding systems but you choose)
External scan: Australian capital cities and Regional locations (again you choose where to focus)
Product review with RTO scope map using a traffic light system and suggestions for any changes to scope
Presentation and action plan including scope map for feedback and review
Optional (you choose)
Action research for TVET International regions (or countries) including:-Eastern and Western Africa

– Southern Africa

– Eastern Europe and Central Asia

– Latin America and Caribbean

– Middle East and North Africa

– South Asia

– East Asia and the Pacific

– Europe

– North America

Further information email, thank you.


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RTO Strategic Review

The report and action plan, “is very use friendly and easily understood.”

“Many thanks for you and your team in getting this RTO review done urgently in the short time frame.”


Has your RTO experienced significant change?

Now the opportunity going ahead is to make sure that your RTO is best positioned for the future with a strategic review by Australia’s leading VET Strategist.

The objectives of the review may include:

  1. Understanding industry and regional workforce demand and training needs compared with current scope
  2. Gaining feedback from key stakeholders such as the Board of Directors; Senior Executive Management Team, Training and Assessment staff
  3. Analysing evidence on RTO performance including employer and student feedback, enrolment trends, funding contracts, retention/completion and financials
  4. Identifying workforce development and training opportunities including areas for RTO expansion and/or contraction
  5. Design recommendations outlining how your RTO can meet regional, industry, employer and student demand, findings, strengths and areas for improvement

The suggested approach includes:

  • Review of existing strategic plan, scope, programs, information, data and evidence related to RTO performance and position
  • External scan including industry and regional workforce needs, state and national VET policy that will have an impact on the future direction of your RTO
  • Meetings with the CEO and representatives of the management team, RTO team and other internal stakeholders at your location
  • Potential discussion with team members in other locations and any relevant external stakeholders
  • Analysis of all of the evidence and information to develop a draft report
  • Discussion of draft report with the CEO and representatives of the management team, RTO team and other internal stakeholders
  • Presentation of the final report and recommendations (this could be managed via an online meeting or face to face)

Workforce BluePrint will tailor the approach to suit your RTO, context and desired outcomes.

For a quote please email with the purpose of the review and we’ll respond with further information.


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RPL kits, documentation and resources

Do you want to re-energise the RPL process, procedure and documentation?  Perhaps you have RPL applications waiting to be processed? Maybe you have a number of inquiries but that doesn’t convert to applications and completions.

Aside from developing skills through RPL training and practice, perhaps consider if your documentation and resources need streamlining and updating.  Workforce BluePrint can save you time and investment by developing:

1. RPL kits for your priority qualifications developed in word including self-assessment questions focussing on critical aspects of assessment and evidence, required skills and knowledge.

2. RPL documentation (assessor information and resources) in word and with the option of pdf smart forms:

a) Pre-Assessment Tool;

b) RPL Assessment Record;

c) RPL Post Assessment Summary;

e) Third Party Report.

3. RPL Training using the SIMPLE RPL system

Contact for details on the investment for your priority qualifications.

Workforce BluePrint can provide the following value added services:

  • Flowcharts/info graphics for RPL documentation and processes
  • Flowchart/info graphics for RPL candidates to follow the processes
  • Video instructions for RPL candidates including efficient ways to collect evidence
  • Video instructions for assessors including efficient ways to analyse evidence
  • Augmented Reality within kit development and resources
  • RPL@RTO app development

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Engaging young people in skills and workforce development – raising aspirations Workshop

With youth unemployment set to soar in 2016, 1 in 5 university students dropping out in the first year, and VET completion rates for young people that aren’t ideal, it is everyone’s business to help raise aspirations.

19 year old award winning Australian Ambassador and entrepreneur, Jessica Perry will share successful strategies to engage young people in employment, entrepreneurship and workforce development.

During this three hour workshop you will learn strategies using a systematic easy to grasp approach to gaining young learners in Vocational Education and Training (VET).  You will also learn tips and tricks in how to continue that engagement and support, helping to increase completion rates and the opportunity for further VET studies.

Communication with learners in a way that suits them is vital.  Social media channels and networks plus apps and mobile technologies are what these young people are used to.  Application in a training context will ensure skills development is interactive, engaging the student and increasing their desire to learn.

Learn how governments, industry, employers, youth organisations, schools, students, parents, training providers and the startup community, are embracing innovative programs for young people.  Here about models of Australian Apprenticeships, including School Based, that make small and medium enterprises far more productive.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Attract and recruit young learners
  • Provide effective learner support
  • Design training and skills development in a way that is engaging and interactive
  • Communicating using social media networks
  • Understand needs of young learners who may be school students, Australian Apprentices (including School Based), higher education students, looking for an after school job or their first job

Additional topics could include:

How to transform your business and your life with School Based Apprenticeships

Investment: Quote available upon request to


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Establishing Effective Partnerships with Industry Workshop

In this intensive three hour workshop you will learn how to optimise your business growth through partnerships.  You will be equipped with a systematic approach to developing effective partnerships with all stakeholders.

You will be given tools, processes and strategies for developing those relationships with industry and employers, including work placements and meeting industry needs in both the short and long term.

With examples of good practice agreements and templates you will be able to benchmark your approach and identify your specific action plan to powerful partnerships with employers and industry.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Make connections with employers and industry
  • Target industry partnerships
  • Use tools and apply successful models for powerful partnerships
  • Structure work placements to benefit employers and students
  • Identify enterprise and industry workforce development needs that a partnership may address

Investment: Quote available upon request to


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Rapid Product & Opportunity Development Workshop

Rapid Product & Opportunity Development Workshop

A 1 day or half day in-house action packed workshop that will cover:

Achieve in one day what may take you months’ worth of work with a rapid process for problem finding, opportunity spotting and product development.

This workshop applies a lean start-up methodology that entrepreneurs use to acquire customers, fail fast and pivot, target customers and validate any new product before spending a lot of time and resources on development.

What do you already have that you could turn into products and services, who could you solve a problem for by someone wanting to know and learn what you already do?  Explore potential partners, channels to market and get at least 1 new product developed in this action packed workshop.

Investment: Quote available upon request to


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