Workforce BluePrint identifies workforce gaps and issues from the workforce planning process, prioritises the gaps, incorporates existing workforce development strategies, designs new workforce development strategies, maps back to strategic objectives and assists with the allocation of resources, responsibilities and timelines.

Workforce development bridges the gap between the current workforce and the desired workforce forecast.  Gap closing strategies that you might implement covers:

Attraction, Capabilities, Capacity, Competency Frameworks, Competency Profiles, Core Competencies, Leadership Competencies, Leadership Development, Knowledge Management, Learning and Development, Organisational Development/Learning, Professional Development, Retention, Skills Profiling, Staff Development, Team Development, Training and Development, Transition.

Human Resource Management includes managing people to effectively achieve the vision, mission, goals and strategic priorities of an organisation within relevant frameworks:

Career Planning, Culture, Diversity, Employer of Choice, Human Resource Policies, Induction, Job Descriptions, Key Performance Indicators, Issues, Performance Management, Recruitment, Reward and Recognition, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Turnover, Values and Behaviours, Women, Work Life Balance.

Workforce skills development is all forms of learning and skills acquisition.

Vocational Education Training (VET) Assessment and Learning relates to formal learning and assessment against units of competency and qualifications from National Training Packages or accredited courses through a Registered Training Organisation.

Building on capabilities using innovative methodologies, Workforce BluePrint can provide:

  • Development topics, conference presentations, structured network facilitation, Communities of Practice and workshops with access to the latest information available.
  • The Workforce Architects Program for skills development in workforce planning and development working across enterprises/organisations, industry sectors, regions and countries.
  • Webinars, workshops, accreditation, toolkits, ebooks, iPhone apps, vodcasts, podcasts, videos and online national networks via LinkedIn and Facebook.

Workforce BluePrint’s toolkits, templates, models and resources simplify significantly the process of workforce planning and development, skills and behaviour profiling, capability framework design, job profiling and training needs analysis.  Coaching programs and one-on-one support is provided by our team.