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Event invitations & proposals, new programs & services

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Hi there

Summer in Adelaide has been pretty hot with days up to 43 degrees Celsius so the beach and anywhere cool is the choice location.

Reading 5 books was my main achievement over the holiday break. You’ll see that a number of the books were by Brene Brown, who is a shame researcher and having some perfectionist traits, I enjoyed The Gifts of Imperfection. Blue Ocean Shift is what I’m working with now.

On New Years Eve we received some exciting news – Tyler proposed to Jessica at one of their favourite spots on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia and she said yes! Congratulations to the happy couple as they are made for each other.

A quick heads up on a few things as we’ll be on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and in Melbourne, Victoria in February; Bali (Indonesia), Austin (USA) and Sydney in March; so if you’d like to connect please send me and email and we’ll make a time to catch up.

For those people that can be in Melbourne on 15 February 2018, please check out the two events being hosted over lunch and with a later afternoon presentation and networking session, and I look forward to seeing you there.

You may have seen Jess’ email with a call out for Real World Problems – she has already received examples that go from addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals, to industry issues, the application of technology and how to best engage youth. Please take the time to watch the videos and see how you can contribute to innovate, real world learning for young people and students, thank you.

Do you need to do a workforce plan?

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Over 6 weeks, take your capabilities to the next level by learning how to develop a workforce plan with easy to digest video content and a comprehensive guide, coaching and mentoring, tools and templates.

Apply what you learn to assessing current and future workforce needs and design effective workforce development strategies producing a practical plan with priorities.

Register now with Coupon Code “VIP” then click the tick symbol for $200 off the Workforce Architects Program.

Erasmus+ Programme (Europe) –

call for proposals

The call presents opportunities for organisations and individuals active in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. A broad range of actions promoting transnational and cross field partnerships and mobility for youth, students, learners, and practitioners are covered. Different application conditions and deadlines apply for each action.

Read more here>

Extraordinary work across all corners of the globe The iNShow interview

Passion was developed from early career, knowing the importance of adult learning and education. Seeing people transforming their lives, changing their aspirations, goals and what they thought they could actually do.

Read more here>

Growth in Kiribati requires mobility and skills for employment

Kiribati, an island republic in the Central Pacific, has recorded 2.9% economic growth between 2011 and 2015 – thanks to continued finance by development partners. New projects include roads, airports, solid waste management and sanitation.

Read more here>

How do you get an international context to your work and global opportunities?

These 10 tips (plus a bonus one) will work from whatever context or country you are based in as many are related to demonstrating your credibility, reputation and experience.

Read more here>

Invitation to RTO Leaders Lunch in Melbourne – don’t make the same recent mistakes as others

It is clear that the depth, nature and style of ASQA audits is changing. You can see evidence of this across local institutions as well as those in states like South Australia. And you must have considered, what would happen if we had a snap audit, or found our staff and students being asked questions by an auditor that they couldn’t answer?

There are many examples of all types of providers, including some that were real surprises, where not enough attention is being paid to assessment capability, learning resources and assessment tools, professional development and the people aspects of running a successful Registered Training Organisation.

Over lunch with Chatham House Rule, insights will be shared on what would happen if you are audited like others have been recently, what can be learnt from past mistakes and the subsequent crisis, and the priorities to pay attention for your next audit.

Date: Thursday 15 February 2018

Time: 11.50 am registration opens, 12.00 pm lunch and discussion, 2.00 pm close.

Venue: Rooftop (level 7), 370 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004

Price: $22 incl GST with lunch provided

Register for the event here>

Mapping South Australia’s Workforce Ecosystem

In regions and countries like Germany, where there is a good match of workforce demand to workforce supply, there is a systems based approach, galvanizing all stakeholders towards a vision, mission, common goals and priorities.

The purpose of this survey is to map out all of the relevant stakeholders involved in any form of workforce forecasting/planning and workforce development including attraction/recruitment, education and development (accredited and non-accredited, formal and informal learning), retention and transition in South Australia.

Add your details to the map and Read more here>

If you’d like to map out your Workforce Ecosystem please get in touch.

The Future of Jobs, Skills and Work –

networking event in Melbourne

This event will explore where future jobs and workforce demand is headed, from the perspective of employers and industry, in Australia and internationally. Business models, enterprises and whole industry sectors are being reshaped, together with how we work, posing real challenges for proactive responses by education, employment, government and human resource management.

Discussion on the impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on education, jobs and skills will uncover the impact and requirements for Workforce 4.0 and your work.

Date: Thursday 15 February 2018

Time: 4.30 pm for 5.00 pm start and 7.00 pm close

Venue: Rooftop (level 7), 370 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004

Price: $22 incl GST with drinks and nibbles provided

Register for the event here>

PS. If you would like to see the RTO Leaders Lunch &/or The Future of Jobs, Skills and Work run in your location, please send me an email to register your interest, thank you.

Kind regards

Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint

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New Programs and Services

Coaching and mentoring for your workforce project in areas such as:

  • evidence base identifying workforce demand, issues and gaps;
  • workforce of the future in line with your strategic plan;
  • HR infrastructure, skills based job descriptions and employee performance review system.

Change Lead or Interim role – do you have a change management or interim role? Please review my LinkedIn profile and send through an email to start a conversation.

TVET/VET International Insight Service and Opportunities Plan

Skills audit and training needs analysis – for employees, team reports and organisation overall; across your industry sector or region.

21st Century VET Leaders Program – taking expressions of interest via email.

Workforce of the Future Masterclasses taking expressions of interest via email for your enterprise, industry, region or country.



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How do you get an international context to your work and global opportunities?

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Recently an interview on The InShow podcast, together with current projects taking us from the Pacific and East  Asia to South Asia, exploring international capacity and capability development opportunities for our Australian and New Zealand clients prompted a reflection on… well how do you get an international context to your work? Read More

What is required for Workforce 4.0?

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Industry 4.0 is centred around productivity, involving advancements in communication and tech to automate and digitise production, manufacturing, and industrial processes. The key concepts include interconnection, data, integration, innovation, and transition.

Devices are connecting to the cloud and contributing to mass amounts of intelligent data. Businesses of today are using this information to simplify asset management and maintenance, maximise equipment and process efficiency, while improving the quality of products.

Four I’s make up industry 4.0: instrumented, interconnected, inclusive and intelligent and this flows onto Workforce 4.0 or the Workforce of the Future. Read More

Workforce of the Future – cooperation and partnerships

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Hi there

A theme is playing out at the moment setting the tone into 2018 of the ‘Workforce of the Future’ which naturally requires partnerships, cooperation and a scaled up vision.

This was clear at the Indonesia Australia Business Summit 2017 in Adelaide yesterday where the focus was ‘Partnership at our Doorstep’ with opportunities across Tourism, Vocational Education and Training, Agriculture, Health and Sustainable City, Energy and Resources.

On Vocational Education and Training (VET), Jess was involved in the new VET Alumni program in Canberra over Sunday – Monday as she became an Australian Apprentice Ambassador after completing her school based apprenticeship in business and establishing Career BluePrint. Some of you may have bumped into her!

Read More

Address workforce issues to get significant regional investment & jobs

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Regional Workforce Development – Resulting in significant investment, jobs & confidence

Good morning

Economic development plays an important role in any region’s economy.

There are 7 key outcomes that apply to most regions but…

1.   Job creation – assistance, information, partners and resources for employers and entrepreneurs so they can expand.

2.   Industry diversification – this reduces a region’s or businesses vulnerability to one industry, product/service which means new skills are required, startups and jobs are created.

3.   Business retention and expansion – businesses may need some assistance with their operational needs, understanding new markets, sourcing and skilling their workforce.

4.   Investment attraction and infrastructure – exposing the world to the opportunities that existing in the region. Sound ICT infrastructure, coworking spaces and the ability to work anywhere, any time.

5.   Improved quality of life – better infrastructure and more jobs improves the economy of the region and raises the standard of living for its residents.

6.   Connected and inclusive community – faster connections enables improved productivity, region’s need to be welcoming to new comers with diverse cultural and social opportunities.

7.   Collaboration and creativity – across education, employers, entrepreneurs and industry enabling the region’s strengths to develop, saving time and resources, creating innovative, practical initiatives.

…for all of these outcomes to be achieved you need an available, cross skilled, and motivated workforce.

Increasingly for many regions, lack of a quality labour pool, is becoming a threat to economic development and sustainable growth. In some cases labour and skill shortages are acute, with workforce attraction a number 1 priority. Where regions have collaborated to build a workforce action plan and development strategies, the result is significant investment, business and community confidence, which is remarkable.

Regional Economic Development Forum

A town that is a stand out is Robinvale in Victoria. All of the social measures looked very challenging but local leaders committed to a Regional Workforce Development Strategy and gained $1.6 million in investment for the region.

This was one of the examples in a recent presentation at a Regional Economic Development Forum at Byron Community College in Mullumbimy, NSW for Community Colleges Australia.

Download your ebook on workforce development ideas for your region

The Robinvale story, along with a number of regions with examples from across Australia, are captured in the Regional Workforce Development and Planning ebook that you can download here.

Regional Projects, Grants and Smart Farms

You may be considering projects such as a regional skills needs analysis, workforce action plan for growth, and/or programs for employers including Small Medium Enterprises in your region. The Building Better Regions Fund under the Community Investments Stream, could be used for capability development and workforce related projects.

Recently we have been working on workforce action plans for Agriculture and Horticulture including Smart Farms. If you are looking to explore Smart Farming Partnerships, there are grants available, which close on 21 December 2017, and there are numerous future jobs and skills built through digital farming.

Please feel free to get in touch and see how we could assist with your regional project. If you are interested in building your capability in planning for and developing your workforce, explore experiences including the Workforce of the Future Masterclass, and the Global Workforce Architects Program open for registrations soon.

PS. If the NDIS is rolling out in your region then please read this latest blog post as scaling up is the key and if international education is a focus then watch this video on big opportunities.

?Kind regards

Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint

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Innovation & creativity: skill strengths for NSW’s Northern Rivers

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Northern Rivers is one the fastest growing region in NSW. With its world heritage sites, national parks, rainforests and coastline, its strength is in its diversity. It’s popular for innovative business opportunities, attracting creative people.

The 2016 Northern Rivers Regional Plan outlined a vision for the region – to make it a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for the communities of the Northern Rivers region.

Seven regional priorities were outlined, with 23 initiatives to make it a reality. This included connected communities, a learning region, natural infrastructure, sustainable industry, inclusive communities, regional identity, and a collaborative region.

Tourism and hospitality, building and construction and retail are key sectors for employment. Read More

Attracting the future disability sector workforce – scaling up is a challenge

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The NDIS is set to reshape Australia’s disability sector, by ensuring people get the support they need and its growth represents new opportunities and jobs across Australia.  Consider what the disability sector might look like in 5 years’ time and the position locally, nationally and globally.

Capability development and scaling up is key and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is accepting applications for the ILC Jurisdictional Based Grants. Read More

September BluePrint – EU Connections, Evolving VET & Workforce Initiatives

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Hi there

Getting over the jet lag, there is much to share with a heads up on a couple of things that may be of interest to you.

Firstly, on Friday 8 September 2017, Jessica and I met with The Hon Karen Andrews MP, Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, following the TAFE Directors Australian Convention 2017 dinner the night before in Adelaide.

On the point of evolving Vocational Education and Training (VET), we discussed the Training Package development and approval process with a shift needed in responsiveness and skills for current, new and emerging jobs.

Considering opportunities, similarities and differences between VET in India, Sri Lanka and Australia we focused on quality, cost and volume. It is clear that there is a global supply issue for skilled workers and we need the skills much faster too. Read More

Qingdao, China sister city boosting higher education numbers & economy

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Qingdao, one of Adelaide’s sister cities in China’s eastern Shandong province – is a region with over 154 higher learning institutions. Out of these providers, 62 offer Bachelor-degrees and 33 provide Masters studies. China’s already vast education industry is set to further expand in the coming years.

Sino-foreign cooperative education

In 2010, China launched the National Plan for Medium and Long Term Education Reform and Development. The Government would spend the next 10 years improving Chinese education standards to match international levels. Part of this was to open-up the sector to foreign investment, allowing for joint ventures with partners. Read More

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