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2000+ participants in 1 month with 1 facilitator & great feedback – how do you do it?

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In 1 month, I hosted 10 webinars with up to 330 people in each one and got feedback like “I was really impressed with your facilitation of the webinar last week, both in managing your various presenters, talking to the people in the group – numerous as they were, and in explaining to people how the technology worked.  It was brilliant.”

I believe people are ready for webinars, why?  Well we have seen huge growth in the numbers of people choosing to participate in webinars often booking out all the places.

Less time out of the office, informative and helpful, cost effective as no travel time, easy access to presenters, and bonuses like webinar recordings all mean that webinars should be in the mix of what you do.

With a word of warning because if you are presenting webinars you need to do them really well.

It is different to presenting in a workshop, classroom or forum and some people find a webinar presentation way more stressful.  For example:

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Did you know humans rank websites for search engines? What will happen when they rank yours?

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If you are looking to improve your websites search ranking, who do you listen too?  The best person would be someone who is currently doing this ranking – right?

To help you understand how human input guides search engine results, and the ranking of your website by the likes of Google and Bing, we have an incredible opportunity.  You won’t be left wondering, “what do I need to do to get the search engines to like my site?”

Get inside the mind of the Web Judge himself (real identify protected) to understand his judging process, what he is looking for, do’s, don’ts, hints and tips.

Join us for this upcoming webinar and book your place now – here are all the details: Read More

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