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How would you fix TAFE SA?

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In the TAFE SA Strategic Capability Review session yesterday with Terry Moran AC and Kim Bannikoff, the key questions asked were what are the problems, what are the solutions and how would you fix TAFE SA?

Rather than going over the problems, and bearing in mind the Terms of Reference for the review, which is separate to the response to the TAFE SA Quality Review supported by the Nous Group, suggestions I’m putting forward for solutions include 15 points:

  1. Actively and deliberately recruit people with VET sector experience into the leadership team and onto the board;
  2. Align strategic goals and objectives to the priorities for South Australia post-election;
  3. Build new relationships, partnerships and collaborations at a local, state, national and international level matched with organisational strengths and state priorities;
  4. Connect into South Australia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, supporting startups, coworking spaces and activating TAFE SA sites with spaces for local business and community organisations;
  5. Design a new future focused vision and mission with a clear purpose statement;
  6. Encourage experimentation and innovation with funding, for example with something like the Workforce Training Innovation Fund from Victoria which is probably the most exciting fund currently in Australia;
  7. Explore alignment with the United National Sustainable Development Goals as well as national and international best practice (for example Germany, Singapore, UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, European Commission, UNESCO-UNEVOC);
  8. Further investigate specific areas such as Human Resources, ICT Services, Marketing, and TAFE SA International;
  9. Gain advice on what industry sectors, markets and locations should TAFE SA exist in with an evidence-based assessment of campus and resource utilisation;
  10. Identify a true point of difference that TAFE SA has compared to other public and private providers;
  11. Lean into a discussion about funding for TAFE SA and WorkReady with evidence, honesty and realism about sustainability;
  12. Listen more frequently, flexibly and openly to employer and industry workforce needs for Australian Apprentices, new recruits, existing employees, labour pool and leaders;
  13. Place a number 1 priority on fostering a new culture, with values, behaviours and consequences to follow across the organisation including the board;
  14. Review all products and services to a more refined scope meeting workforce demand and supply needs where learner aspirations are supported; and
  15. Undertake a workforce capability assessment and skills stock take that identifies strengths to build upon and gaps to address including possible partners with capabilities needed.

This list builds upon the videos made outlining 13 recommendations relevant to both reviews as they are so interrelated.

If TAFE SA is to continue, there should be a goal to become a World-class VET provider which means facilitating world-class teaching, learning and assessment working ahead of Training Packages/Products as well as providing workforce development services.

And actions speak louder than words here, so with a new TAFE SA structure, where at a local and industry level people have the freedom and permission to engage and build relationships, there would be much more visibility, credibility and reputation restoration.

If you were asked, how would you fix TAFE SA, what would you say?

For TAFE Directors eyes only

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Fill in the form below and we will email you a set of 15 questions to ask your team members.

If you’d like to talk through these questions and any concerns you may have, or tap into that development opportunity, please feel free to email me via or call on 0416 150 491, and I hope you enjoy your break.

PS. If you’d like to know more about the TAFE SA situation, please watch the latest videos on the channel and read these blogs.

VET and WorkReady – where to next?

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It looks like private providers may need to help out TAFE SA in terms of assessing impacted students and that could be the grounds for a solid new collaboration.  ACPET in South Australia is taking a leadership role in exploring a shared vision of excellence for Tertiary Education in South Australia.  The establishment and support of the Industry Leaders Groups in regions provides a mechanism to feed in evidence and co-design workforce development solutions.  An industry version of these groups for priority sectors, would be a great source of insight and practical solutions.

Since 2014, Workforce BluePrint has been publicly advocating for a vision for South Australia’s and Australia’s future workforce and VET system, with no better time than now to do it. Read More

TAFE SA review – recommendations and priorities

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TAFE SA’s website states that they are the ‘Largest vocational education and training provider in Australia’?

With critical non-compliance as the outcome of a recent ASQA report, these 2 part videos outlines 13 areas of recommendations and priorities for the TAFE SA review.

Part 1

Part 2

PS. Here is a link to the TAFE SA Senate Inquiry with a report by 28 February 2018.

Lessons from the German VET system – could ASQA be redundant?

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In Bonn, Germany this week working with UNESCO UNEVOC, Wendy Perry met with Philipp Grollman from Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB) to learn about the German VET system, compared with Australia and others around the world.  Please watch the quick 4 minute video til the end and read all of the blog, then share your ideas. Read More

‘Elephant’ in the room for Australia’s VET sector

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Whilst Australia’s VET sector has been plagued with poor behaviour and outcomes for students over VET FEE-HELP there was an elephant in the room at the recent COAG Industry and Skills Council meeting.

With discussion on the recent budget announcement about the Skilling Australians Fund aiming to prioritise apprenticeships and traineeships in high demand there are two key questions to ask:

  1. what evidence do we have of demand? and;
  2. the fund, “…will be financed by the Government’s reforms that require employers who nominate foreign workers under the new Temporary Skill Shortage visa and certain permanent visas to pay a Skilling Australians Fund contribution from March 2018.”

That seems like a very precarious link!Apprenticeship

Council highlighted that, “Importantly project proposals will need to demonstrate engagement with, and support from, employers and industry.”

Which relates to the ‘elephant’ … Read More

WorkReady – stalemate to solution for South Australia

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On Friday Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham published a media release title The Training Ball is in Your Court Jay and clearly he is not impressed.

The Advertiser published the story, State Government’s decision to redirect training funding away from private providers to TAFE could see Canberra withhold its $65 million.Flickr_-_law_keven_-_Let's_go_to_work....

Minister Gail Gago’s press release back on 21 May 2015 had the headline New list of subsidised training courses focuses on jobs and with Jay Weatherill arriving back from the China delegation on the weekend a formal response hasn’t yet been seen but no doubt it will soon. Read More

WorkReady – shake rattle and roll for VET in South Australia

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When the announcement was made last Thursday about WorkReady’s new subsidised training list I made this video WorkReady announcement pre-blog stating that I needed to sleep on the blog that I had written.  This is the blog after I slept on it for three nights as there was more to think through than I first thought.

There have certainly been signs that Vocational Education and Training (VET) in South Australia is set for a shake up.  Back on 17 January 2015 the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) suggested that providers needed more funding certainty with an article published in The Advertiser.

JobsThe Training and Skills Commission in their Skills for Future Jobs five year plan, called for the introduction a of capacity management system linked with a smaller number of quality providers.

Skills for All was launched back in 2012 and whilst there have been changes to make the VET system in SA more job outcomes focused, WorkReady seems to take a 180 degree different approach although this may have been lost in communication. Read More

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