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Workforce BluePrint Episode 2 Future plans – sequel

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From the original post this sequel outlines future plans including ACPET professional development, strategic plan directions, webinars and workshops, and upcoming events – want to catch up?

ACPET – Professional Development – online and around Australia

  • Webinars: Developing a Workforce Plan in 5 Easy Steps
  • Workshops – ACPET: Workforce Development and Planning in Practice, Adelaide

Please refer to the ACPET Professional Development Framework for further information, dates and locations.

Strategic Plan Reinventing Wendy Perry and Associates Pty Ltd.’s strategic plan for 2012-14 builds upon our vision and mission:

Purpose is to Assist clients to measure their workforce and bridge the gap between what they have and what they need

Goal is All enterprises, major projects, industries and regions have a workforce plan.

Strategic Priorities are Sustainability and Finances, Business Processes, Learning and Growth, Clients and Partners and the demonstration of commitment to sustainability is outlined in this article – Wendy Perry and Associates prepares for the low carbon economy.

Webinars and Workshops Register your interest for the following topics to be run over July and August 2012 and read testimonials from participants:

  • Budget 2012-13 – Workforce Development and Planning implications and opportunities
  • Career advice for teens – A recent presentation with Jessica Perry to an audience of career counsellors and VET coordinators on Career advice for teens highlights the importance of counter intuitive thinking.
  • Engaging Employers, Stakeholders and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Funding for Workforce Development and Planning Initiatives – national,      state/territory, local
  • NBN for e-learning – assess your organisation against an NBN Enabled Capability      Framework
  • Workforce Plan Tool – a dynamic online tool that captures evidence and information for      your workforce plan and produces a report whenever you need
  • VET Moderation – work in collaboration to review, compare and evaluate your assessment process and their assessment outcomes, in relation to the same unit/s of competency.
  • VET Reform: the National Picture – covering COAG directions, Skills for All Australians and the National Workforce Development Fund, Skills Australia to Australian Workforce Productivity Agency, Budget 2012-13 and Skills Reform, VET reform from Victoria to South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and ACT.  Looking back over the last 12 months and then to the future identify challenges and opportunities.

Upcoming events – see you there?

  • National Workforce Development Strategy consultations throughout July.
  • 11-13.7.12 NCVER No Frills Conference in Adelaide and if you are in Adelaide on the night of 11.7.12 you are welcome to join Australian VET Leaders for drinks and dinner after the Intelligence Squared Australia (IQ2) – Live Debate.  Please send an email to to register your interest.
  • 18.7.12 Digital Enterprise Program
  • 14.8.12 Workforce Planning – The Journey in Local Government, Local Government Learning Solutions, Sydney
  • 30-31.8.12 ACPET National Conference in Sydney – see the Workforce Plan Tool demonstrated and the presentation on vStream ACPET National NBN e-learning project.
  • 4.9.12 SMART Business Association AGM
  • 20-21.9.12 VELG 2012 National VET Conference on the Gold Coast – Leading Workforce Development and Planning Solutions
  • 24.10.12 MEGA Networking Event hosted by the SMART Business Association in Southern Adelaide

Written by Wendy Perry, 26.6.12

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NEW for 2012 Workforce Planning and Development Conference Talks (C) and Workshop (W) Topics

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Looking for relevant and practical professional development and engaging conference presenters?  Any of these NEW topics interest you?

  • A Broader View of Client Workforce Development
  • An Introduction to Innovative Workforce Management
  • Building Competency Frameworks to Measure Workforce Capability
  • Developing a Workforce Plan in 5 Easy Steps
  • Engaging Employers, Stakeholders and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Future Service Provision
  • Give Your Organisation a Health Check  or Give your charity a business check
  • How to Develop a Skills Profile
  • Organisational Development – what every CEO, HR and VET professional must know
  • Regional Workforce Planning
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Work Life Balance – An Introduction
  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) Extreme Make-over
  • Teleworking and Working at Home
  • What’s in your Innovation Toolkit?
  • Workforce Development and Planning in Practice

NB. Check out the info on customisation

Supporting tools and resources including:

  • NBN Enabled Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) – Assess Your Capability; and
  • Workforce Planner Self-evaluation

Interested?  YES, then read about the details of the topics, send an email to with your pick and mix list or specific focus area and we’ll come back to discuss what you want, a brief proposal and possible dates.  Thank you!

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Clever Brainstorming Techniques

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I’m always looking for innovative ways to think up new projects; about problems and answers; and to understand workforce issues and opportunities.

Recently I came across Speed Thinking by Ken Hudson which has 4 steps:

1. Start – brainstorm 9 ideas in 2 minutes (individually or in a group)

2. Evaluate – in 2 minutes pick the best idea in 2 minutes

3. Build – make this 1 idea 9 times better in 2 minutes

4. Action – identify 9 action steps in 2 minutes

Blue Ocean Strategy by W Chan Kim & Renee Mawborgne 2005 aims to create value innovation with their 4 actions framework:

– Reduce – Which factors should be reduced?

– Create – Which factors should be created?

– Raise – Which factors should be raised?

– Eliminate – Which of the factors should be eliminated?

Think Better by Tim Hurson says productive thinking in action starts with:

– What’s the itch?

-What’s the impact?

-What’s the information

– What do you know and wonder?

-Who’s involved?

-What the vision?

Thinking differently doesn’t often come naturally and using these techniques moves you away from looking at things in the same old way.

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