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Australia’s demand for cyber skills a matter of urgency

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Demand for computer security experts will grow by more than 20% over the next five years.  Cyber security relies on the right people and expertise, and as a result, there is a greater demand for professionals.

The Commonwealth Bank has been working with the Federal Government to position Australia as an exporter of cyber capacity.

Cyber security

“It’ll come back to a long-term strategy around encouraging school children to be taking up the subjects that will allow them to go do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects at university,” said David Whiteing, Chief Information Officer at the Commonwealth Bank. Read More

How the library workforce is being reshaped for the future

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Libraries are facing new trends, digital technologies, and community engagement opportunities – which will reshape the workforce, now and into the future.

Redefining our libraries and their opportunities



The Libraries Board of SA, the Local Government Association of SA (LGA of SA), Public Library Services and Public Libraries SA (PLSA) have teamed up to create a report on changes expected to occur over the next 15 years.  Tomorrow’s Libraries is the collective result…with some interesting reading.

Tomorrow’s Libraries provides a framework for action to ensure public libraries remain integral to current and future generations.  It outlines a clear mission for South Australia’s Public Library Network (SAPLN), as well as detailing the community and personal benefits of libraries. Read More

Encouraging more women into mining

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Mining Australia is urging more women to get into mining as a career.

Queensland Minister for Women Karen Struthers says women can provide fundamental fulfilment of gaps in the growing skills shortage problem plaguing the mining industry.

Currently only 18% of mining jobs are filled by women, however many employers have put great emphasis on making the industry more appealing and “female-friendly”, to entice more skilled workers into the sector.

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SA Mid Year Budget Review – what to watch

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Employment is predicted to grow by just 0.75 per cent this year and remain around 1 per cent each year until 2018.

This rate will be a key figure to watch aside from economic growth in South Australia.

The Mid Year Budget Review (MYBR) didn’t include much that is new but it does contain new operating and investing measures totalling $585.9 million with major initiatives including:

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Entrepreneurs, Industry and Research Opportunities in Federal Budget 2014 #budget2014

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Significant changes were announced in the budget for industry programmes – all with a focus on improving the capability of small and medium sized enterprises.

Industry sectors that are emerging as government priorities include agriculture, child care, civil construction and infrastructure, defence, exploration, health and medical research, rail, road and small business.

Other areas of investment and exploration include contestability, emission reduction, export, international tourism focused on China, rural and regional development (Northern Australia and Tasmania), the manufacturing sector transition, diversification and reinvention.

New workforce initiatives that the Federal Budget 2014 offers, have to be considered in light of the consolidation of numerous programs and cutting of many existing funds.

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