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VET FEE-HELP scrapped, entitlements dumped & VET workforce tested

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For some 2015 was an Annus horribilis in VET, for others they just got on with it, and if you are a VET leader then you most likely redirected your energy, strategy and thinking.

This blog post outlines possible futures for VET in Australia covering changes, what may be dumped or scrapped, with 2016 a year of reckoning and regeneration.

Firstly let’s talk about two “R’s” – regulation and responsibility. Read More

Australian VET sector gets smashed by Senate Committee report

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Like many of you, I sat down with a cup of tea to read the Education and Employment References Committee report and as soon as I start I think, “such a weird beginning to The Senate: Education and Employment References Committee report with the following on the front page,

Getting our money’s worth: the operation, regulation and funding of private vocational education and training (VET) providers in Australia.

I feel it’s going down a really odd negative track but maybe it gets better from here?  But as the report describes entrenched allegations akin to hearing court evidence from a nasty case I think not,

1.9 The committee has been provided and has heard harrowing and concerning evidence of misconduct by private VET providers. The private VET sector has been subject to a range of allegations in the public arena not limited to that of exploitative conduct, shoddy training and massive profits at the public expense.senate

1.10 It is an irony that in the name of social justice an exploitative scheme to enrich individuals has been allowed to flourish at the expense of the most vulnerable who end up with a debt, but no qualification, or a worthless qualification. Read More

11 tough questions to ask your RTO

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With a number of RTO Strategic Reviews completed around Australia, there are key questions that Registered Training Organisation (RTO) CEO’s, owners, board and team members need to be asked.  Responding to questions like these requires a level of trust, honesty, openness and a positive attitude.

  1. Why do you exist?

Starting with understanding the RTO’s background, when it was established, with what purpose in mind and the history to date gives a good sense of what is has been like.Training pic

  1. Who are you?

Some RTO’s have been reactive, pursuing government funding over fee for service, expanding their scope, adding programs and moving into new industry areas.  This has left them now asking who are we and what is our focus resulting in an identity crisis and muddled branding.  Other RTO’s have stood firm with who they are which hasn’t been swayed by changes in VET policy. Read More

WorkReady – shake rattle and roll for VET in South Australia

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When the announcement was made last Thursday about WorkReady’s new subsidised training list I made this video WorkReady announcement pre-blog stating that I needed to sleep on the blog that I had written.  This is the blog after I slept on it for three nights as there was more to think through than I first thought.

There have certainly been signs that Vocational Education and Training (VET) in South Australia is set for a shake up.  Back on 17 January 2015 the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) suggested that providers needed more funding certainty with an article published in The Advertiser.

JobsThe Training and Skills Commission in their Skills for Future Jobs five year plan, called for the introduction a of capacity management system linked with a smaller number of quality providers.

Skills for All was launched back in 2012 and whilst there have been changes to make the VET system in SA more job outcomes focused, WorkReady seems to take a 180 degree different approach although this may have been lost in communication. Read More

WorkReady – Ready, Set, Shakeup for VET in South Australia

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A new targeted approach to funding Vocational Education and Training (VET) in South Australia has been announced called WorkReady.


Training leading to jobs in areas of economic and industry priority will be the focus of this approach which some say should have been obvious from the start of Skills for All.  It seems with Skills for All the main aim was to increase the number of people with post school qualifications.

WorkReady will be phased in from 1 July 2015… It has been designed to improve training completion rates and strengthen connections to employment opportunities. Read More

Industry Skills Fund opens 19 January 2015

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Individual businesses or consortia will be able to apply for the Industry Skills Fund – Growth Stream providing up to 200 000 training plans and support services over 4 years.

Small and medium sized enterprises are prioritised with help available for skills advice and training grants, “…which plan to upskill and reskill their workforces to better position themselves for growth opportunities.”

The Industry Skills Fund – Growth Stream interconnects with the Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Programme.


Priority industries include: Read More

Where are the jobs and skills in the South Australian 2014-15 Budget?

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With the State Government committing a total of $689 million, including $402 million in capital expenditure, there are important implications for jobs and skills.

This blog post is for you if you want to understand where the jobs are and uncover the skilling opportunities across automotive transformation, infrastructure projects, innovation, food and wine, regional areas and resources.

The first area to consider has had much media coverage with the need to transform the automotive sector and create jobs.

Automotive Transformation and Jobs Plan

The South Australian State Government has allocated $60 million towards the “Our Jobs Plan” stating that this plan will revitalise and rebuild the state economy following the decision by GM Holden and Toyota to close vehicle manufacturing operations in Australia by 2017.

The Automotive Transformation Taskforce will be chaired by former Federal Minister for Industry and Innovation Greg Combet focusing on:

Read More

VET Reform – major announcements today

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Press Release Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 – Workforce BluePrint

Once in a lifetime consultations are coming to a head with The Hon Ian MacFarlane MP announcing the first of the major Vocational Eduction and Training (VET) reforms today at the National Skills Summit in Canberra.

Much of the VET sector is waiting with anticipation but those who follow the conversation are fairly confident they can predict the outcome.

Recently the Minister for Industry has revealed his philosophy on skills and VET with statements like,

 “The Government will continue to work with the sector to ensure training is delivering the skills Australian businesses are calling out for, to boost economic growth and productivity.”

“…there has been too much of an attitude—I am not saying that it is overwhelming, but I am saying it is prevalent—where there has been training for training’s sake.”

“…a key area that we will fix … is inconsistency in auditing. In fact, we see a whole opportunity within the skills space to streamline it.”

After analysing these comments and reading between the lines, Wendy Perry, VET Strategist, predicts the areas that will be included in the Minister’s address.Ian MacFarlane

“I believe that the Minister for Industry will make announcements about more than one area of VET reform focusing on the following components:

Read More

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