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What is the value you are providing to your customers?

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Would you agree that providing value to your customers whether internal and/or external is paramount?

And it’s probably why your centre or division exists and why people have jobs but when it begun, were you clear on why you wanted it?

Do you know what it will be when it grows up and have you given it a red hot go?

The more you can appreciate the way your customers think or act, then you can design products and services that fix their problems but perhaps there have been changes in the external environment or market.

Often in medium to large organisations, management of your customer relationships is mostly centralised, perhaps within a contact centre structure.

Questions may arise like… is this best practice?  Is this the right way to serve customers?  Do the inputs and costs stack up against the outputs and performance?  Is technology being maximised?  Is this investment really worth it?

People across your organisation may have different ideas or views about performance and value, strengths and areas for improvement.

So what if you could use a proven approach that focuses on what is really important?

5 pillars

Well let me introduce you to the 5 Pillar Approach to review your contact centre or customer service division. Read More

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