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Workforce development aimed at career success in Bendigo

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Bendigo, which is the fourth largest inland city in Australia, has an unemployment rate of 30.4% – with 3,400 less young people in work since 2010.  With numerous initiatives – both government and private – in place to give locals the greatest chance at career success in Bendigo is working towards combating their high unemployment rates through workforce development.

One third of local youth out of work

Bendigo’s Labour MP believes the unemployment rates in Bendigo are being affected by the 417-visa program – locking young local workers out of a job.  Nearly 250,000 working holiday visas issued each year were contributing to the 2,500 unemployed young people in Bendigo.

“I am especially concerned that the low rates (of pay) these workers accept, while they may be award rate, are less than the local collective agreement, and in this way our local workers are being serious undermined,” she said.

But the region is doing everything in their power to up skill their locals. Read More

Youth Pilot Programmes – how not to keep young people unemployed

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In an effort to address youth unemployment in Australia, two new initiatives were recently announced by the Prime Minister and the Minister for Industry, The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP:

  • Training for Employment Scholarships
  • Youth Employment Pathways

“Youth unemployment rates are unacceptable”, says Wendy Perry, however “I disagree with this blanket statement in the discussion paper,

Many employers are hesitant to take on unskilled or new workers as in-house training is resource intensive and external training is costly.” (pg. 2 Youth Pilot Programmes Discussion Paper)

Most employers I know and work with, have a genuine commitment evidenced by their willingness to employ young people giving them experience and training.”

Connecting with the broader Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda, the Youth Pilot Programmes completely miss a huge opportunity to encourage young people to considering an entrepreneurial pathway.

Read More

Head start to career

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Published in The Advertiser’s CareerOne page 24, 30.4.11

Young workers who rely on their after-school job for extra cash can use the experience to kickstart their career skills, a workforce advisor says.

Workforce BluePrint, Head Workforce Planner Wendy Perry and daughter Jessica, 15, have developed a plan to help teenagers make their first job a success:

Consider your approach.  Listen carefully to directions and instructions.  Be friendly and outgoing, greet your customers cheerfully with a bank of five open ended questions to ask them such as: How are you going with your Christmas shopping?, Got plans for New Year’s? and Taking a break over Easter?

Have a good attitude.  Demonstrate you are willing to learn.  Show an interest in extra training and do the necessary or boring jobs like cleaning and sweeping.  Ask about or offer to learn how to do the advanced jobs such as counting the tills, lay-by and ordering, training new people and later on, supervising staff.

Be available.  Let the employer know if you are available for additional shifts particularly over the school holidays, Christmas and New Year period.  Keep your contact details up to date and think about how you could get to work without much notice if called in urgently.  Helping the employer and co-workers shows flexibility and commitment.

Consider practicalities.  Allow enough time to get home from school, have a quick healthy snack and drink, brush your teeth and get to work 15 minutes beforehand.  In breaks, sit down, rest your feet and have something to eat and drink.

Socialise Go to work social events and see work as a way to make friends.

Wendy Perry, Head Workforce Planner and Jessica Perry (15 years)

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